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Performance Concerns
Our customers come to us for solutions to the following problems with the performance of their dust collectors. We are the experts at designing and installing Carter Day, Donaldson® Torit®, and Air-Cure collectors so if you are experiencing emission or bag life issues, please call us at 763-795-9779. The Day Filters™ bags rank among the best in the country, with an average bag life of 3 to 5 years, that meet strict emission standards, at the lowest installed costs. Good dust systems require good bags.



Dusting occurs when the passage of excessive amounts of dust travel through or around the dust collector bags. Excessive dust is defined as more dust than is allowed by permit, and can be caused by media mismatched to particle size, non-agglomerating dust, low quality media with no scrim, over cleaning, or faulty installation of bags. Potential solutions for dusting include installation of OEM bags and correction of the cleaning process.

Abrasion - Leakage

Any dust at high velocity will abrade a textile based filter bag, but there are other types of abrasion problems, such as bag to bag, bag to cage wear, or internal high air currents. Resolutions include special bag designs to reinforce with extra layers of felt at the points of abrasion, re-design of the baghouse inlet, or system re-design. Often the baghouse design is the cause of the abrasion. Over the years we have solved numerous abrasion issues.

Bag Life

Less Than 2 Years Bag Life

The inability of a dust collector bag to allow adequate flow for efficient operation can be caused by wet or sticky dust, static, mismatched media, dense filter cake, poor cleaning, or poor dust collector design or maintenance. We will do a thorough analysis of the situation and recommend ways that you can extend your bag life. The Day Filters™ bags rank among the best in the country, with an average bag life of 3 to 5 years.

Upward Velocity (Fibrous dust)

This type of dust can be the result of wood, wood by-products, food by-products, textile fibers and waste, among others. Whatever the source, fibrous dust creates a special problem in a dust collector. Our Day Filters™ bags are ideal for industries generating fibrous dust, thanks to the type of fibers and finishes that only Day Filters can provide. Bridging between the bags can easily be a result of inadequate dust collector design.

Cake release and moisture problems

Filter cake release problems are frequently caused by sticky dusts such as resins. Possible solutions include surface treatments such as singeing or glazing of the filter or using felts with a smooth finish that specifically helps with agglomerating dust.

If any of these issues are impacting your dust collector performance, please Contact Us and we will be glad to help you identify and resolve the issue.

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