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The power source for the Upper Midwest is primarily fossil fuel (coal). Coal remains the dominant energy source for electricity generation. Power plants and industrial plants that use coal will require the use of dust collection equipment and filter bags that are built to meet stringent state and federal OSHA and EPA regulations and requirements.

For over 30 years, Winger Inc. has been providing RF dust control systems and high quality Day Filters™ RF bags. Customers appreciate the fact that Winger has vast experience in this industry, achieving effective dust control for belt transfer points, crusher ventilation, feeders, reclaim, railcar unloading, truck load out, and silo ventilation applications.

Please Contact Us and we will be glad to address your current concerns and provide you with filter bags for your dust collectors. As we are the original manufacturer of the RF and RJ filter bags, you can always count on Day Filters™ to provide an original bag for your Carter Day, Donaldson® Torit®, or Air-Cure filter. We also provide our high quality OEM felt for other manufacturers of dust collectors.

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