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Who we are:

We are former Carter Day RF – RJ APPLICATION ENGINEERS and BAG SEWERS, who know how the bags should be designed for the RF – RJ dust collectors vs the "CUT, SEW, & SELL" bag suppliers, who sell bags to fit anyone’s collector.

Here’s our difference:

Day Filters is the OEM bag supplier for Air Cure. We also have years of experience designing RF Collector dust systems including the manufacture and installation of the entire dust system. Customers present us with dust collection problems from diverse applications across the country and we find solutions. As part of Air Cure’s turnkey systems, we specify and build the most cost-effective bag that will provide a level of emissions and bag life that can be guaranteed per the customer’s requirements.

In contrast, most filter bag manufacturers are "Cut, Sew, & Sell" shops. The cost of making a filter bag is primarily due to the felt material. As such the "Cut, Sew, & Sell" shops have a financial incentive to use the least costly material that the market will bear. The most common request from our customers is to provide a “cheap bag”, but the “cheap” bag is often not the lowest installed cost.

Day Filters builds bags specifically constructed for an RF filter to meet emission guarantees as well as bag life guarantees when we are providing complete dust systems. This separates us from the “CUT, SEW, SELL” people, who do not provide complete dust systems or even single dust collectors. We are the only bag sewer who has detailed knowledge of the equipment into which the bags are being installed. This separates us from the “CUT, SEW, SELL” companies.

Our goal is to assist our customers to make informed buying decisions about their RF and RJ dust collectors.


RF Tech info

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